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Minifig Battlefields

We are on a mission.........

Minifig Battlefields is on a mission to bring back the creativity of building with minifigs and other well-known brick brands, through learning and education.


Established to capture the passion of hobbyists, who collect model soldiers from across many military campaigns. We want to bring these campaigns to life through animation, and  through the traditional media of an illustrated book.


We created the minifig models of WW1 soldiers, together with a wide range of accessories from helmets, backpacks to hand weapons, machine guns and artillery. Plus the trenches and battlefields for the minifig models to be displayed on or animated.


Our first book charting 1914 to 1916, superbly displays this timeline of the Great War with attractive minifig bricks, which are engaging in learning and education. An elegant way to inspire young minds through play and construction. To enable children to compose their own storyline, augment their history learning, engage them in creative technologies, such as animation, and to help them embrace the endless possibilities as future designers, engineers, artist and writers.

In addition to stop-go-animation, we used the power of 3D animation software (Blender) to create short videos for this website.

With the success of our first Minifig Battlefields books, we will continue telling the Great War stories with our minifig soldiers.

2 British minifig soldiers carrying a ladder to the trenches in 1914
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