Commemoration of the Centenary

Minifig Battlefields is on a mission to bring back the creativity of building with minifigs and other well-known brick brands, through learning and education.


We are model makers specialising in design for 3D printing. Established to capture the passion of hobbyists, who collect model soldiers from across many military campaigns, by providing faithful, realistic diorama and scenery for use with these collectibles and to enable schools during the WW1 commemorations to tell their stories in a different way.

We want to bring these campaigns to life through animation, and to do this, the model soldiers needed to be pieces that you can animate. Hence we have created stiknklik® and recreated the model soldier as a minifig and have designed a wide range of accessories that can truly fulfil the hobbyist passion further, be it for model collectible soldier hobbyists or the enthusiastic user of the minifig brick or the school’s WW1 project.

By using 3D printing, our designers can create specialists military parts and equipment, tailor making your story. And if more pieces are needed, we can print some more to fit your story, so your account of events can be truly unique.

Our specially designed recreated minifig military soldiers, fit perfectly in our Trenches, with minifig compatible duckboards, firesteps, ladders and more, to reconstruct a scene in the trenches during WW1. The minifig soldiers go over the top onto the battlefields, our exclusively created ‘stiknklik®’ pieces enables you to move the minifig soldiers across the Battlefield.

We want you to be able to recreate your scene through your creativity and imagination to tell your story and leave a legacy. 

3D Printing is fun and easy to learn

To inspire young people to create their own pieces we also deliver a short 3D printing and design course. Click here to see how the children can grasp the concepts and produce some awesome prints.

Most of all…………they are having fun and learning new skills.

We are continuing to design and develop new parts and equipment, so to receive updates on new WW1 Minifig Battlefields products and projects we are working on, contact us here for more information.