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WW1 Field Artillery Guns & Machine Gun Set made from the latest metal filled filament to give it an authentic metallic feel, mounted on specially designed 3D printed base & housed in a display case. 



Based on uniform design of the time, our Minifig Soldiers have high quality printed uniforms of the British Empire, French, German and American soldiers who fought on the Western Front of the Great War. 

British soldiers going over the top


Recreate your trench scene of the Minifig Soldiers with our specially designed Trenches with cladding, duckboards and fire steps and across the Battlefield using stiknklik® pieces so you can decide where the soldiers will go.



Our Minifig Soldiers, British, French & Germans, can be equipped with a wide range of custom 3D printed headgear worn during WW1; weapons including rifles & machine guns and other accessories such back packs are available, so you can recreate your own WW1 story.

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Minifig Soldiers & Equipment

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More WW1 Minifig Battlefield Products

We are continuing to develop, design and print more accessories for the WW1 minfigs to add to your experience. If you can’t see what you want here to build your story, contact us and we would happy to discuss your specific minifig requirements.

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