French Hotchkiss Machine Gun Set


The French Hotchkiss Machine Gun Set, together with two minifig military figures and sandbags are presented on a specially designed 3D printed base in a display case. A perfect item to commemorate the anniversary of the First World War.

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HOTCHKISS M1914 Machine Gun

The French Hotchkiss machine gun was developed by the Hotchkiss arms company in France. It could fire 450 rounds per minute, 3800m. It used 24 round strips and later 250 round metal belt fed ammunition.

The French Hotchkiss  Machine Gun Set, made from the latest metal filled filament to give an authentic metallic look and feel. This collectible set is presented with two military minifigs, sandbags and mounted on a specially designed 3D printed base, housed in a display case.

These models are all individually made to order, so may take up to 2 weeks to reach you after ordering.

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