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WW1 Weaponary



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British Lee Enfield rifle for the British minifig soldier

British - Lee Enfield

The standard issue rifle was the short magazine Lee Enfield (SMLE). It was the fastest military bolt-action rifle of the day.


A well-trained rifleman could fire 20-30 aimed rounds in 60 seconds. It had a 10 round magazine loaded with 5 round charger clips, and an effective range of 500m

Lee Enfield (SMLE) standard issue rifle

Machine Guns

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The British Vickers machine gun had a reputation for reliability firing up to 600 rounds of ammunition per minute at targets up to 4000m away.

British Vickers machine gun designed for British minifig soldiers

British - Vickers

Maching Guns


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British - 18 Pounder Field Gun

The Quick Firing (QF) 18 Pounder was the principal Field Gun of the British Army. Its ammunition had the shell combined with the cartridge thus giving it the description of ‘quick firing’.

British minifig soldiers loading shells into an 18 Pounder field gun
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